editorial, press and similar

the nuclear nappy change – part of a brochure for Iris Group Worldwide

Cake Man – just for the hell of it

for an article on Action Movies – Total Film Magazine

panels for Lloyds Banking (look for the shapes)

the Fairy Baby, for a Tesco sales promotion across the UK

50 Insane Soccer Moments – Portico Books/Anova Publishing

images for “take a break” press campaign – Nestle UK

Bird House – for the Telegraph Gardening section

CD cover for Yacht Rock Compilation – Warner Music

The Pear Picker – the Telegraph Gardening section

for the Je Suis Charlie project in January 2015, in aid of survivors and families of the massacre

your painter – promotional image for postcards and decorator’s website

avatar faces – used on a soccer gaming site

banker diagram – for personal therapy

in-flight seating diagram – DPS for Stylist Magazine

Lolly Man – for lovers of large FAB lollies

paper boys for Conde Nast

Attack of The Pruning Shears – the Telegraph Gardening section

The Afternoon Nap – personal project

the novelty xerox – Square Meal magazine

originally for FHM magazine

four of the seven deadly sins – for Mens Health Magazine

on the evolution of the mobile phone – The Architectural Review

book jacket for A Pocket Notebook – Random House publishing

Balloon Dog – part of a collection for Haymarket USA

getting to know the staff – Square Meal magazine

beetle alarm – the Telegraph gardening section

the all important ‘me-time’ – Square Meal magazine