diagrams and technical

inner ear diagram – RNID action on hearing loss

origami diagram – Dorling Kindersley

step-by-step for BrewDemon, Phoenix Arizona

samples from a pack collection for Fruit of The Loom USA

eco-house cutaway for Oxford University Press

magic hands for SHOUT Design

body kit – Imagine Publishing

window-seal instruction diagram – Exitex UK

tomato planting – Garden Life magazine

letterbox fitting instruction diagram – Exitex UK

zumba diagrams – Annabelle magazine, Zurich

heating system cut-away for NI Solar Power

solar panel cut-away for NI Solar Power

injury prevention excercise diagram – Triathlon magazine

air travel comfort diagrams – Stylist magazine

tomato care diagram – RHS Garden magazine

printer operation diagram – Oxford University Press

leaf shape diagram – originally for the Telegraph gardening section

swivel chair annotation for Office Supplies

for an article on Action Movies – Total Film Magazine